6 aircon tips to save on your electricity bill

With the temperature hitting new highs of 90 -100 degrees mark daily during the summer, it definitely feels like you’re constantly swimming in a bowl of soup with your sweat rolling down both your back and your head.

Air conditioning is a must and i won’t deny it and since it’s a must, what better than to consider options available for us to save a little from the experts in the industry?

Below are 10 ideas that can help makes saving easy but at the same time, not compromising comfort

1. Keep the Air Conditioning Temperature Lower

Studies have shown that when you keep your air conditioning temperature running at 24 degrees, you tend to save more energy. This is due to the fact that with a lesser and easier load, the amount of energy required for the compressor to generate is much lesser.

2. Choose A Better Rating Air Conditioning

When buying a new air conditioning system, the best way to ensure you are saving is to check the energy efficiency level of the unit. They are commonly displayed which many of us might overlook

What it does tell is the amount you can roughly save on a yearly usage. These information are tested and proved by government authorities to provide an estimated amount which is a benefit to consumers like you and me who are not in the know how of things

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3. Use Window or Portable Units

If you’re in a small room and its not necessary to cool your whole home, consider using a portable air conditioning unit. These units consume 50% less energy and are naturally a better saver.

4. Service Your Aircon Regularly


Logically, if you constantly use your electronics and they accumulate dust and dirt over time, it is only natural that they consume more energy to produce similar performance.

It is best to have your air conditioning serviced once every 3-4 months. This way, you can ensure that your aircon unit is performing at its optimal rate while at the same time, diagnosing any fault at a early stage to avoid completely damaging the air conditioning unit

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5. Rearrange Your Furniture


If you happen to have large furniture obstructing the air flow from your air conditioning unit, chance are, you need to turn the temperate way lower and fan speed higher to have some level of cooling.

We are pretty sure, you would rather have that chill for yourself instead.

6. Don’t Forget The Fan


We rely on air conditioners to keep things cool, but having the help of a few supplemental fans doesn’t hurt. Using them to circulate the cool air means you don’t need quite as much pumped into the room. They use less energy than your air conditioner unit, so having them around as backup is a great idea.