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Many of us who are not in the aircon industry might be wonder, why are there so many terms with servicing. In this article, we will try our best to explain the various terms and how you as a consumer can better decide when your aircon servicing contract propose on the services required

General Aircon Servicing

like its name, is general aircon servicing without using much specialise tools. The process involved in this includes:

          • Cleaning of water tray and fan blower
          • Wiping of fan coil
          • clearing the drain pipe
          • Washing of aircon filters
          • Checking of aircon gas

These task are essential to ensure that your unit is clear of dust and dirt which in turns produces cleaner air and more energy saving

This service is recommended to be done at least once per quarter

Chemcial Aircon Servicing

The biggest difference when compared to general aircon servicing is the use of chemicals in cleaning your aircon unit. These services includes:

          • Using of specialised chemical solution to clean the water tray, fan blower and fan coil
          • Clearing of drain pipe
          • Washing of aircon Filter
          • Checking of aircon gas

With a prolong usage, the specialised chemical solution will be used to remove tough dirt trap in the fan blower and fan coil.

This service is recommended to be done every half yearly

Chemical Overhaul Aircon Servicing

This is the most recommended servicing when hiring a new aircon servicing contractor. The main reason is that most aircon servicing contractor will not know the condition of your existing aircon unit unless it is fully service and clean by them.

These services includes:

          • Dismantling of the whole indoor unit
          • Chemical washing of aircon evaporator coil
          • Chemical washing of aircon water tray
          • Chemical washing of  aircon fan blower
          • Chemical washing of aircon cover & aircon filter
          • Clearing of aircon drain pipe
          • Checking of aircon gas

This service is the most costly when compared to other servicing options but it is the most essential method to thoroughly clean your aircon unit.

It is recommended that chemical overhaul should be done once a year

At the end of it, the next time you are hiring a new aircon servicing contractor, do let them know your previous servicing history. This way, with a better understanding, they are able to better recommend a suitable servicing option that best suits your needs

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