Interview: Chan Brothers Air-Conditioning Engineering Pte Ltd

How one air conditioning company competes with the internet?

In the heart land of Singapore and located in the vanity of an industrial space, lies an aircon servicing company. At first glance, it isn’t an eye-catching store and usually goes unnoticed when passing by. Chan brother Air-Conditioning engineering sits at the corner of a stretch of shops located in woodlands.

As we spoke to Mr. John Chan, owner of Chan Brothers Air Conditioning servicing store, he shared with us his how times have changed but one important aspect remains, people to people relationship and customer satisfaction.

Mr. Chan spoke of how, back in the past, where internet was not as accessible as compared to now and that people tend to walk in to stores or get referrers from friends and family to get their equipment repaired. “Times have changed, people look on the internet first before considering other options.”

He agrees that the internet was important for business and that he is getting referrers from websites that have good reviews about his services. “I’m thankful that I’m getting phone call daily which is a recognition of my hard work.”

With the beginning of an internet era, convenience of information was just a click away. As we spoke to Mr. Chan how he can better capture the internet market, he agrees that customers are flocking to the few companies that rode on the internet wave and have better internet presence particularly on major search engine.
“Many of my customers came back to us after trying those companies with negative feedback. I believe they are getting too much orders, which was way out of their capacity that led to poor customer service.”

When ask about his plans for his business for the future, Mr. Chan was hopeful and replied with a smile “The core principle of a business is to deliver as promise and exceeding expectation is the only way a business can succeed in any condition.

Our customers are like our friends and family, we do our best for them to make sure things work, that is our job. Only when our customers are satisfied, they are more willing to refer their friends and family to us to get the job done. Nothing beats word of mouth”

Indeed, in a time of internet, many of us are losing touch of the people to people relationship and focusing on accruing new customers. While new customers are important, the existing customers will always serve as a basis to why our business manage to strive in the first place.
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