Maintaining and clean your home aircon unit in Singapore

With the scotching hot weather in Singapore, many household have at least 1 aircon unit in their home. The vast majority of us know aircon cleaning and maintaining of the aircon unit is important but since we are not trained, it might be difficulties doing so.

There are some things that we, as a end user can do to efficiently keep our aircon unit cleaned maintained. These process take around 30 minutes, done once a month to ensure that our aircon is clean and free from dust.


Why do you need clean your aircon?

You might ask, why do you need to clean your aircon? To put it simply, if you use your aircon is On a daily basis, dust and dirt builds on your filter and condenser over time.  The dirt & dust, which accumulates, will be released into the air when we use our aircon which is both unhealthy and unhygienic

By keeping the aircon clean and dust free, we can be assured that air is released is cleaner and healthier

How to clean your aircon unit ?

Firstly, we need to understand the components that we, as end consumers, can clean without much professional help. These areas consist of:

              • Aircon Filter Cleaning

Aircon filter helps trap the dust and dirt when the aircon unit is operating. Most aircon filters can be found once your open the casing of your aircon. It is advised that the aircon filter be clean once a month.

Cleaning of aircon filter can be done using both soap and water which is both essential and sufficient at a end user level

              • Aircon Casing Cleaning 

Aircon casing the the exterior of the aircon unit that protects the condenser coil. It is important to clean your aircon casing once every 3 months to remove any trapped dust and dirt.

Cleaning of casing can be done using both soap and wet cloth. To void damaging your casing, which can be costly to change, clean gently around the aircon fins and interior of the aircon casing.

              • Aircon Condenser Coil Cleaning

Aircon Condenser Coil is found once you open your aircon casing. Basic cleaning can be done on the exterior of the condenser coil. We adviser using either a vacuum or wet cloth to gently clean the condenser exterior.

For Condenser Coil, should you notice that difficult dirt is trapped between the coils, it is advisable to get a professional aircon technician to do the cleaning using chemical wash. In the event that you damage the coil, it will be extremely costly to get it fixed.

When Should You Hire A Aircon Cleaning Company?

As we mention earlier, difficult to clean dust & dirt would be best to be managed by an aircon cleaning company in Singapore. With their professional equipment and experience, it is way easier for them to get the job done. There are usually various aircon servicing terms and the different services rendered which is important to note to avoid misunderstanding when discussing with your aircon technicians.

Why use an Aircon Cleaning Contract?

Most aircon servicing companies do provide aircon cleaning contracts to help ease on your aircon maintenance experience. These aircon cleaning contracts are usually schedules fixed on a quarterly basis where thorough aircon cleaning is done. Apart from cleaning and servicing of your aircon unit, the technicians will do a thorough check on your aircon to ensure it is functioning and problem free

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